The Best Anonymous Bitcoin(BTC) Wallets 2020 (Updated)

There are many people that think that they can use Bitcoin anonymously since they do not have their personal identities on the blockchain, but this is not correct since Bitcoin can easily be tracked back to the owner due to its permissionless protocol.

This is why it is essential that users take advantage of anonymous wallets when the need for privacy is paramount. This is one of the very few paths to take in IP obfuscation while using Bitcoin. In other words, you can have your link to the coins and their sources ‘mixed’ so that blockchain analysis wouldn’t track them back to you.

You may be wondering how this is possible. So in this post, we are going to show you the best anonymous wallets in the market that you can always depend on in a bid maintain your privacy while using bitcoin.

These are the types of wallet that ensures that your public key is not exposed to the public giving you a layer of security. However, the best approach in using anonymous wallets is to send coins to them after your bitcoins have been properly dissociated using a Bitcoin tumbling service.

Here are the best anonymous wallets:


Samurai Mobile Wallet


This is one wallet that has made bitcoin transactions anonymous, secure and private without compromising the features that made the coin attractive to many users.

The developers claim that this is one wallet that Silicon Valley wouldn’t build and regulators would frown at, however that this is the wallet that Bitcoin deserves. This makes sense considering that the concept of decentralization encourages privacy.

The wallet uses AES-256 encryption technology to communicate with the device and also has features for password and seed phrase to secure the user funds.

Other features include alerting the user to prevent unintentional reuse of address, protection with stonewalls and VPN on Tor support.


Electrum On Tails Operating System


This wallet is only has a desktop version presently. It was developed by Electrum, one of the most reputable makers of the open source Electrum Bitcoin wallet licensed under MIT.

Its support for hard wallet integration makes it very popular in that owners of hard wallets such as Trezor and Ledger can incorporate Electrum. The anonymity is enabled when Electrum is run on Tail Operating System.

Tail Operating System was designed to circumvent censorship and enhance privacy and security while using the internet. It can be used on any computer making the user anonymous.


Rahakott Wallet


Rahakott is another anonymous wallet that goes further by enabling users to make transactions anonymously, protecting their privacy. The wallet supports a number of other cryptocurrencies apart from Bitcoin. Its growing popularity could be seen from the fact that it has been used to process more than $20 million in crypto transactions.

Rahakott presently supports four languages and six cryptocurrencies. The supported languages are Chinese, English, Russian and Japanese. The cryptocurrencies that could be used with the wallet presently are BTC, BCH, ETH, DASH, LTC and ZEC.

There is no risk of losing personal data with this wallet since email and phone number are not even required to start using it. Strong security protocols such as two-factor authentication, password and OTP are some of the features available.

The wallet can be Tor enabled to conceal IP addresses using it. There is also HD Wallet feature that prevents reuse of address and a mixer.




This is a hardware wallet built by Bitlox, a Hong Kong based startup that specializes in privacy centered wallets. The hardware wallet is multi crypto support.

The extreme privacy focus of the company is reflected in this wallet that gives you top class privacy features some of which are integrated Tail OS for IP protection, a military grade vault security, random number generator, ability to generate millions of addresses, hidden wallet data, 12, 18, or 24 mnemonic phrase backup to for wallet recovery.




All these wallets are completely anonymous. Some have mixers that are equivalent to incorporated while others don’t. I personally recommend mixing the coins before sending them to an anonymous wallets.